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Who We Are


SINEL SPECIALIST HOSPITAL was established on 1st November 1981 to primarily contribute to the improvement of the health needs of individuals, especially women and the society at large.

Our main strength is high standard specialized Obstetric and Gynaecological services, Paediatric services and related general medical services in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. We provide this at highly competitive rates. Our mission is to offer quality health care concentrating on the individual in order to achieve maximum results.

SINEL SPECIALIST HOSPITAL is well known for its professionalism. Our ultimate aim is to make each patient experience our specialized care and receive value for money. We provide safe, comfortable and convenient care for women and offer flexible appointments. Waiting period is short and interventions are prompt. This ensures quicker recovery times and reduced overall medical bills.

We have treated over 30,000 women so to date and counting! It is interesting that some of our more recent clients were actually born in Sinel 20+ years ago!


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