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Uterine Fibroids: There is hope for the Future

The mere mention of the word fibroids strikes fear into both women and their partners. The good news is that fibroids may be diagnosed and treated with very good results!

Uterine Fibroids are common growths or tumours of the muscle of the uterus. You probably did not know you had them until they were big enough to cause some kind of problem such as excessive menstrual bleeding or you felt them in your lower abdomen. But they were there growing silently on the inside over the years. A fibroid arises from a single cell within the muscle of the uterus that just keeps on growing abnormally into lumps of varying size. There may be just one or two, but most women with fibroids have a number of them. Some women have a uterus filled with numerous fibroids of varying sizes.

What to do

Visit us at the Sinel Fibroid Center to discuss options and put together a management plan. There are many methods of management for uterine fibroids and it helps to detect them early. Early detection allows for the application of the modalities most suited to your situation or profile. There are many modalities of treatment which do not involve surgery.

The key to successful management of fibroids is knowledge and information so as to avoid ineffective treatments and unnecessary interventions. Many of our clients have been successfully managed and are living satisfied and fulfilled lives. There is hope for the Future!!

Link to our Book on Uterine Fibroids

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