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Almost every woman is familiar with the monthly bleeding described as menses, menstruation, menstrual period, period or the monthly flow. A woman’s body goes through a series of changes on an approximately monthly basis, in preparation for a possible pregnancy.

When there is no pregnancy, the uterus sheds its endometrium which appears as bleeding the end of the cycle. This loss of blood from the vagina is referred to as menstruation or the menstrual period. The whole process, from the beginning of one menstrual period to the next, is referred to as the menstrual cycle.

This process is a normal phenomenon that does not usually involve a third party. Occasionally, however, there are problems that require a visit to the gynaecologist. These include excessive menstrual bleeding, abnormal menstrual pain, irregular cycles, vaginal discharge and many more. You may find more on the menstrual cycle in our book on menstruation.

Two things in conclusion; first it helps to have a record of your menstrual cycle so keep a record of proceedings every month. Secondly, see the gynaecologist when you experience problems with your menses.

Link to our Book on Menstruation

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