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Weight Optimization Program

The Goal: To loose 5-10kg in 8 weeks

Personal Trainers

You have at your disposal Personal Trainers who are professional fitness trainers. They will assist you to achieve your goals in a safe and efficient manner. Our Personal Trainers are highly motivated and experienced fitness professionals. They are well informed and trained in fitness and weight loss issues taking you through one-on-one sessions utilising professional technique.

Medical evaluation

Evaluation by Physical Trainer
Body mass index, Blood pressure measurement
Blood sugar test

8-week Natural weight optimisation program

You will be seen once a week to review progress and counselling
Benefit from one on one nutrition counselling
You will be given a personalised meal plan
This will be supervised by the Nutritionist

Sinel Fitness and Rehabilitation Center Membership

Free registration with Center Membership for 8 weeks
Weekly fitness Aerobic classes supervised by fitness professional
Gym is available to you any time during gym opening hours for 8 weeks


Starter Program: 8 weeks intensive GHC 299.00
Maintenance Program: 8 weeks GHC 269.00 this is important to maintain ones new weight. It can be continued as long as needed.

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We were very impressed. from the nurse, patients, to the doctors' personal care and information. very good service received so far.

Sinel Specialist Hospital gives you the optimum care you deserve.