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Specialized Clinics

Gynaecology clinics: Addressing all gynaecologic problems, adolescent gynaecology, fertility, vaginal infection, fibroids, ovarian cysts.

Fertility consultation and management of primary and secondary fertility challanges.

Obstetrics, antenatal and post natal clinics regular specialized antenatal visits for both normal and high risk pregnant women.

Weight loss clinic introducing an effective natural method for reducing weight and once achieved, maintaining ones desired weight.

Nutrition consultation for breastfeeding mothers, clients with medical conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes etc. also nutrition advice for children including how to plan nutrition for infants being weaned.

Pediatric / Child welfare clinic consultant pediatricians attend to our infants, toddlers and children.

Annual Health maintenance and cancer screening program for women to ensure that cancers and other non-communicable diseases are diagnosed and managed in a timely fashion.

Sex therapy services: Our trained and certified counselor addresses issues related to female sexual dysfunction, decreased sexual desire, low arousal, difficulties with orgasm to name and pain during intercourse problems.

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We were very impressed. from the nurse, patients, to the doctors' personal care and information. very good service received so far.

Sinel Specialist Hospital gives you the optimum care you deserve.